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Roof Replacement Financing and Credit Cards Accepted

In addition to accepting checks, we help our clients pay for the new roofs by offering low payment loans (credit application process is super easy and fast) from one of the largest financial institutions of this type in the US and also by accepting credit cards.



For all projects (if surroundings allow) we use "Equipters". Equipter is a raisable trailer that allows us to throw debris directly into its raised container instead of dropping it onto the lawn. It is a game changer when it comes to:

- drastically minimizing cleanup issues of small debris that would be found everywhere long after project completion (even at neighbor’s lawn),

- drastically minimizing nails that are "left behind" because magnets didn't do good enough job "picking" them up,

- eliminating or drastically minimizing dead vegetation from being covered to protect from falling debris.

If you think that you would like to hire our company, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can estimate your project and schedule it in a timely fashion, our busiest season has just started.

Roofing Chicagoland 1 Roof at a Time


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We specialize in Residential and Commercial Roofing: Asphalt Shingles, Modified Bitumen, EPDM and TPO. We also help our customers with seamless gutter replacements. 


Unlimited Roofing License: 104-015-465


Quality materials and excellent workmanship.

We combine our industry knowledge, the highest quality building materials, the best equipment and our dedication to deliver exceptional service while providing phenomenal workmanship to our clients.

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